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Using the latest technology, the mobile bottling line of Custom Quality Bottling is self-contained on a 53 foot, temperature controlled, Great Dane trailer.
The equipment is strategically installed to maximize efficiency, and requires minimal set-up.  It offers multiple bottle formats, closures, and labeling options.


  • 16 head rinser
  • water
  • air
  • inert gas
  • minimal residual water

Inert Gas System

  • Displaces oxygen
  • Injects inert gas for a protective barrier


  • 16 spout filler
  • Low vacuum
  • Positive pressure or gravity


  • Vacuum corker with inert gas
  • Jaw cleaner
  • Stelvin capper
  • ROPP
  • Manual crown capper
  • Inert gas injection

Nortan Capsule Dispenser

  • Automatic capsule dispenser
  • 360 degree shrink
  • Three head spinner
  • Top wax injection


  • Imprestik 4000 Labeler
  • Front, back and neck labels
  • 3 label stations
  • Vacuum belt technology


Video Jet

  • Bottle production date coding


  • Positive displacement pump with variable speeds, to reduce oxygen pick-up

Filter Housings

  • Single round housing for pre and final filtering

Case Labels

  • Wrap around, LCBO regulation case labels


  • Top and bottom case taping

Integrity Tester

  • Compact Star integrity test on filters