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Services offered through Wine Secrets

Winesecrets is a company that offers the wine industry solutions to some of the problems posed by the changing climate, and the growing need for environmentally sustainable production methods. They focus on separation technologies that help wine producers create more wine, better wine, cleaner wine, greener wine.

As the exclusive Ontario operator working with Winesecrets, Custom Quality Bottling is able to provide the following additional mobile services to the Ontario market:

Reverse Osmosis
  • Juice concentration
  • Dealcoholization
  • VA Removal
  • Water Purification
  • Brett Taint Removal
  • Decolorize White Wine and Juice
  • Decolorize Rose and Blanc de Noir
  • Decolorize Mute
  • Sparkling Hard Press Decolorization
  • Phenolic Concentration of Red Juice (Seigne) and Red Wine
  • Red Wine Astringency Reduction
  • Oak Extract Concentration